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1. Quinoa

Quinoa is highly rich in amino acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins -B1, B2, carbohydrates, fiber, unsaturated fats, etc.

Quinoa is not a grain, but it much looks like it, it is also known as a “pseudo-grain”. It comes from the plant of quinoa. Quinoa in India is available in white, red or black and quinoa is very healthy for our body. These are some benefits  of quinoa:



a) Quinoa is highly protein-rich food. Quinoa is a complete flask of protein that contains all essential amino acids and minerals.

b) Quinoa has massive in fiber

If eating fiber prevents constipation, it helps to prevent heart disease and lungs. Fiber can contribute to weight loss.

c) Quinoa has a lot of iron

Iron helps keep our red blood cells and white blood cells healthy, it transports O2 from one to another cell.  Iron promotes brain function because the brain takes in about 20% of oursO2.

d) Quinoa contains lysine

Lysine is important for the repair of our tissues. Quinoa has 5 herbs & spices to give your meals a healthy boost to energize.

e) It is highly rich in Magnesium

It helps to relax blood vessels and it can decrease diabetes by promoting healthy blood sugar levels. The Health benefits of magnesium are to maintain body temperature, detoxification, energy production.

f) Quinoa has a lot of Riboflavin

Riboflavin improves the energy metabolism in our brain and also in muscle cells.

g) It is high in manganese

Manganese is an antioxidant, which helps to prevent damaging cell organelles. It also protects red blood cells from damage.

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their diet. There are some products which are made of Quinoa in India:

Quinoa pasta in IndiaQuinoa chips in IndiaQuinoa crisps in IndiaQuinoa grain in IndiaQuinoa chia seeds, and so on.


2. Blueberries

Blueberries are highly rich in healthy substances which are antioxidants and anthocyanins. Blueberries have a lot of fiber and minerals in this dark blue fruit, and berry also helpful in improving our health.

a). Protects our blood cells

Blueberries contribute to healthy cell development and it also contributes to the maintenance of healthy cells. The following body parts which are improved by this:

  • Lungs
  • Mouth
  • Large intestine
  • Pancreas
  • Esophagus
  • Throat

b) It contributes to healthy cholesterol

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. A study has found that antioxidants can help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Berries are also good for your heart and blood vessels.

c) Good for blood pressure

That blueberry has such a beneficial effect on your blood pressure maybe because they are rich in substances known for their blood pressure-lowering capacity. Think of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Other fruits that contain these minerals are dates and mango.

d) Maintain the blood sugar level

Fiber ensures that sugars from food are absorbed into the bloodstream less quickly so that the blood sugar level more stable. Blueberries help improve insulin sensitivity. 

e) Promoting Heart health

Blueberries are rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 can help to prevent from damaging to the veins so that the heart is protected by this vitamin. 

You can also get massive anthocyanins by taking blueberries.  Anthocyanins are mainly found in red and blue fruits, especially which are ripe.

f) Very Beneficial to the growth of brain

This mainly affects our brain results from anthocyanins in blueberries. Anthocyanins are active in areas of our brain that are related to our learning ability. Anthocyanins are also present in strawberries, and cherries.


3. Turmeric

Turmeric, which is known in India as the ‘holy powder‘ and many of the known as an ochre powder(Haldi).

Turmeric is native to “India.”  Turmeric is the root of a green plant. The shape of turmeric is similar as much as ginger, which is only slightly smaller and a little bit more brown-orange.


Why is turmeric so beneficial for health?
Turmeric is known for thousands of years that it is very healthy and this has been confirmed by modern and Vedic studies. The main health benefits confirmed by these studies are:

a)  For Healthy heart

The effect of turmeric on heart disease and have unpleasant side effects. A natural remedy with the potential for reducing heart disease.

b) To Prevents aging

Turmeric can help you decrease the aging of our bodies. Turmeric protects our body cells against attacks from free radicals. Free radicals are harmful particles to our bodies.

Turmeric helps in inside and outside of our body young and healthy for longer. Reducing wrinkles and a lower risk of all kinds of diseases.

c)  Reducing inflammation

Low-grade inflammation can develop in your body, we do not notice this, but they are harmful to our body. They involve an increase in the risk of disease and can make them feel tired faster.

Several types of research show that turmeric has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and it can be just as effective or even better than special medications.

d) When we feel  less depressed

It helps to reduce feelings of depression and can be used in different ways. Turmeric can be used in combination with saffron or antidepressants.

e)  Helps to fight against dementia

Turmeric is useful for dementia sufferers in many ways. Turmeric helped in animals with dementia to improve their hormone balance.

f)  Analgesic effect

Turmeric has an analgesic effect, this spice is particularly effective in relieving painful joints. Also, evidence that it can help to reduce stomach pain.

g) Lower the risk of cancer

The effect of turmeric on cancer is often studied in animals, experiments in animals have also been conducted with turmeric. The effect of turmeric on cancer in humans is still under investigation.

h)  For a slim body

It helps you to lose and maintain the weight of our body because it keeps your blood sugar level stable (means less fat storage and burns fat more easily).

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