quinoa Pasta

Quinoa pasta is the best option out there in light of the fact that it tastes precisely like customary pasta while being beneficial for you. It’s an entire grain with a strong aiding of your everyday fiber and protein. There’s an inalienably nutty flavor to quinoa that is effectively concealed by the entirety of your preferred sauces. 

This is a Vegetarian item. 

Normally yours soya noodles is a force pressed and simple to make a feast that is made utilizing the best quality soya. It is wealthy in proteins and dietary strands 

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At long last, Quinoa Pasta that Tastes Great! Find Our Selection of Premium Quality Gluten-Free Quinoa Pasta! 

Queens Quinoa pasta engineers set out to make the most ideal wheat pasta elective, they took the four principal characteristics or properties which are typically connected with traditional wheat pasta into account when building up our line of quinoa pasta. 

It has an incredible taste and it’s reasonable to use with a sauce. It offers a genuine “Still somewhat firm” surface to recreate credible pasta flawlessness. What’s more, if that wasn’t sufficient, our quinoa pasta has great water ingestion, which makes it simple to mix with natively constructed or locally acquired sauces. Taste the outcomes… Our macaroni quinoa pasta is made with natural white rice and red and white quinoa flour and offers a similar dazzling ‘still somewhat firm’ surface as wheat pasta. It has magnificent water ingestion and it’s extraordinary with any sauce.