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Quinoa Chips

This is a Vegetarian item. Queens Quinoa makes each minute fly with a sample of the startling for example ideal for snacks or tidbits. The taste is global and dissimilar to any neighborhood flavors. Our Quinoa Chips are essentially Good, Most confided in Products. 

Characteristic 100% veggie lover item, best quality quinoa, best nature of salt and consumable vegetable oils. 

Veggie lover Snacks – Quinoa Chips, Zero additives, No counterfeit flavor, and Zero hues included. 

Quinoa is high in fiber, protein and has a low glycemic list.

Capacity Instruction: Store in a cool and dry spot, Keep away from direct daylight 

  • Stew Tomato 
  • Stew Tomato and Cream Onion 
  • Stew Tomato and Masala 
  • Combo All 
  • Cream Onion 
  • Masala 
  • Masala and Cream Onion 
  • Queens Quinoa Chips-Tomato Flavor 
  • Nourishment Now Complete 
  • Faultless 

What is Guilt-Free

  1. Faultless Ingredient: Quinoa, an entire grain which contains all the fundamental amino acids, minerals and; nutrients however not gluten 
  2. Faultless Consumption: Consuming mindfully with No overspending, Lower nourishment wastage and; pressing in a reusable tin can 
  3. Faultless Lifestyle: Transparency and; Honesty-from sourcing materials to create, work for the board and; showcasing to reusing 

Here are 9 medical advantages of quinoa 

  1. Quinoa is a palatable seed that has gotten progressively mainstream among wellbeing cognizant individuals. It’s stacked with numerous significant supplements. 
  2. Quinoa contains a lot of flavonoids, including quercetin and; kaempferol. These are powerful plant cell reinforcements with various medical advantages. 
  3. Quinoa is a lot higher in fiber than most grains. One investigation discovered 17-27 grams of fiber for every cup (185 grams).
  4. Quinoa is normally sans gluten. Utilizing it rather than running the mill without gluten fixings can expand the cancer prevention agent and; the supplement estimation of your eating regimen when you’re keeping away from gluten. 
  5. Quinoa is high in protein contrasted with most plant nourishments. It likewise contains all the fundamental amino acids that you need, making it a brilliant protein hotspot for veggie lovers and vegetarians. 
  6. The glycemic record of quinoa is around 53, which is viewed as low. Nonetheless, it’s still generally high in carbs. 
  7. Quinoa is high in minerals, however its phytic corrosive can halfway keep them from being assimilated. Drenching or growing corrupts the majority of the phytic corrosive. 
  8. Two examinations, in people and rodents separately, show that quinoa can improve metabolic wellbeing, by diminishing glucose, insulin and; triglyceride levels. Notwithstanding, more research is required. 
  9. Quinoa seems, by all accounts, to be extremely high in cell reinforcements. 

Ocean SALT 

Blossom with our Sea Salt Quinoa Chips. A crunchy, scrumptious nibble of healthy quinoa turned chips, beat with the ideal pinch of ocean salt. We make it basic so you – and your entire body – feel better. 

Pair with your preferred plunge, make a few nachos, eat them straight out of the sack or shock curve, make a pie hull! 

Did you realize that quinoa is a finished protein with every one of the 9 fundamental amino acids? 

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