quinoa chips online

Blossom with our Sea Salt Quinoa Chips. A crunchy, delectable nibble of healthy quinoa turned chips, best with the ideal pinch of ocean salt. Queens Quinoa makes it straightforward quinoa chips online so you – and your entire body – feel better. 

Pair with your preferred plunge, make a few nachos, eat them straight out of the pack or shock contort, make a pie outside layer! 

Did you realize that quinoa is a finished protein with every one of the 9 fundamental amino acids? 


Is it a lot to request a straightforward, tasty bite? To us, no. 

Since 2011, we’ve been making snacks with better-for-you fixings despite everything. Just better. Why? Since you’re out there carrying on with your best life and we trust it ought to be loaded up with tidbits that have delectable flavors and straightforward fixings. 

Feeling great is something we as a whole need! Look down to see our 7 Ways to prop that positive fondling, or as we like to state “Feel Good and Thrive.” 

We need to show individuals that basic fixings are uncommonly tasty. Know precisely what you are eating, realize who makes it and why they make it. Pair your most loved Simply7 chips with your preferred hummus or plunge, or essentially appreciate straight out of the pack. We are glad to utilize clean fixings, with no trans fats, no fake hues or flavors, and basic, without gluten fixings 

IngredientsQuinoa Flour, Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Sunflower and additionally Safflower Oil, Corn Flour, Sugar, Sea Salt 

Quinoa-Based Crisps. 

Real tidbits depend on three basic ideas: taste, sustenance, and genuine fixings. Their bites are liberated from counterfeit flavorings, colorings, and additives. Which means you get healthy, scrumptious tidbits! 

Quinoa chips are a more advantageous fresh other option! Carefully seasoned with a light cleaning of salt, these delectable tidbits function admirably all alone. On the other hand, you can utilize them to dunk into Guacamole, hummus or different plunges!