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Types of quinoa

Quinoa comes from a plant in the amaranth family and can be used in the kitchen for various meals. Quinoa is a real power superfood to boost the immune system. For example, you can lose weight with quinoa and gluten-free. There are different types of quinoa:

1. White quinoa

White quinoa is the most common type of quinoa and it is easy to obtain in India, for example in supermarkets or in organic shops. The quinoa grains are light in color, and very occasionally there may be a slightly darker grain in between.

2. Red quinoa

Red quinoa is a bit crunchier than white quinoa. The red quinoa is more difficult to obtain than the white. It may be that occasionally there is a lighter or dark grain in between.

3. Black quinoa

Black quinoa is quite difficult to find in India. For this, you really have to go to organic stores. The taste of the black quinoa is somewhat similar to that of the red and it is also a bit crunchier.

Quinoa grains

The quinoa grains are the most eaten and you have these in different colors. The color of the quinoa depends on the color of the plant, all colors have the same positive qualities. The different colors can also be mixed well in a dish.

Other products

Besides the grains, there are other products on the market that contain quinoa. Some examples are Quinoa pasta, Quinoa crisps, Quinoa Chips, Quinoa Chia seeds, flour, flakes (which you can use as breakfast cereal, for example). Quinoa is on the rise and more products containing quinoa will undoubtedly be added. The packaging usually states how you can use the products and how they should be prepared.

How to prepare Quinoa?

Quinoa can be boiled and fried, you can use it in countless dishes. Think of oven dishes, vegetable dishes,  soup, pancakes, breakfast dishes, and lunch dishes. The possibilities are endless and because so much can be made with quinoa, you will not get tired of it.

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