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But every time you see Vidya Balan on-screen selling healthy chips, or amir khan on screen selling fried chips..what to do?

You have to remember that these celebrities are paid to sell them, not to eat them.  With this you have every right to know every detail about how calories are compensated without compromising the taste. Choose something healthy instead of junk food. Ditch the unhealthy fried food and liven up your plate with Queens Quinoa Chips, an amazing snack for untimely snack craving as they are high in protein, rich and calcium, low in sodium, zero cholesterol and trans fat. They are also Gluten free. Sounds good right?

GIVE ME A SNACK, PLEASE!! Tells every single work from the home consumer after every 2hours. This is every story of the pandemic. 

Breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner, then there comes some snack breaks and boredom eating meals or binge-watch meals. This all has become a stay-at-home culture but it has become the utmost necessity to have a constant balancing act between what’s good for health with an extra immunity-boosting and what’s good for the soul. Indeed there are multiple snack breaks during the day but it all should be mindful snackers.

A well balanced snack is a healthy Queens Quinoa Crisp in each hand. Skip those deep friends chips or crisp and opt for Quinoa crisp that are packed with nutrition and taste. These are so delicious that there won’t be a crumble left of this healthy and beautiful stack of crisps.

It’s very important to eat with intention and attention.

Maintaining a lifestyle which  finds a balance between eating healthy and satisfied  can be tricky.

Although there are many fast food establishments that now offer healthy alternatives. We know what you desire everyday, some snackible crisps or chips are some of the life saver when you don’t have the time or energy to cook your healthy meal.

PASTA some call it a home food or dish that could compete with the scientific effect ‘called yummy’ . But it’s also dually important to choose the right pasta which is made of quinoa flour to ensure pasta has proper durability/elasticity to cook perfectly. Pasta is a fundamental component of diabetic diet only when it’s gluten free. Some of the most common symptoms of gluten intolerance include a headache, gas, fatigue and anemia. You can now enjoy great food without the health problems with gluten-free pasta by QUEENS QUINOA, which will surely take you on a ride with its delicious taste which is packed with so much of goodness.

Everything in between from chips to crisps.

Crunchy, salty, and downright delicious, chips are among the most loved of all snacks. While there are many popular chips which we contain in our everyday routine  that are highly processed and packed with unhealthy ingredients, including added sugar and artificial coloring. Still, there are a number of chip brands that create products made from wholesome ingredients, keeping customers in mind which comes with truly international and unlike any local flavours with finest quality of salt and edible vegetable oils.

Although quinoa are like taking the lead in the alternative snacking world. When in doubt, dig a bowlful of queens quinoa puff. Maybe it is the answer to all your doubts. No drama, pure love. This is the kind of happiness you get with a bunch of healthy munchies. From the crunchiest Quinoa Puff filled with nutritious assortment, this has to be your new snack obsession.

Why don’t you give it a try and let QUEENS QUINOA do the talking.

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