Quinoa In India: Everything You Need To Know About

India is undergoing ‘health revolution’. A major chunk of the population (a huge percentage of which includes the millennials and gen Z)  is embracing a lifestyle that is fitter and healthier. People are now more conscious of what they eat. Besides the taste buds, the nutritional value of food items has a major contribution to make in its popularity ranking.

This is important in the times when the country is facing health challenges including diabetes, malnutrition, hypertension etc. These diseases either are the by-products of junk food items or incorrect eating habits.

Thanks to the digital world, we have access to all the information regarding healthy food cultivated around the world. And therefore, we can emphasis more on eating the right food.

This ‘health revolution’ has made India embrace all the superfood that the world is producing. Quinoa is one such superfood of the world originating from the Andean regions of South America.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse. It is a seed of a plant grown originally in the Andean region in South America. The protein content of this superfood surpasses that of wheat and rice. It contains sufficient amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This gluten-free food is best for those with digestive disorders.

With all these nutritional offerings, quinoa can contribute to the health revolution of the country by combating the major Indian diseases.

Quinoa Cultivation in India

Quinoa cultivation is not just restricted to the Andean region now. Countries like North America, Europe and even India has recently joined in on a smaller scale. It grows in a region where there is not much water or where the soil is affected by salt content.

Although farming of quinoa in India is at a nascent stage, farmers are considering cultivating this seed as a part of crop diversification. In India, quinoa cultivation is been tried in the isolated pockets of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and some parts of Rajasthan.

Quinoa delicacies for Indian Appetite:

Quinoa is one such superfood that can be easily adopted in most of the Indian cuisines. Since it is high in fibre and a wholesome source of protein, it contributes well to a lot of vegetarian delicacies. 

It can be prepared like whole-grain as barley, brown rice or white rice. It is easy to digest thus making it an ideal meal for people with digestive problems. It has a nutty flavour, so it can be eaten boiled just like rice.

Its original taste is very subtle, so adding it to any dish does not change the authentic flavour of the dish. It can be a perfect gluten-free option that can be consumed as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or mid-day snack.  It can be prepared in the form of poha, upma, dosa, cheela, or even with mashed vegetable for Tikki and burger.

Quinoa with its amazing super-grain/super-speed benefits can contribute to a healthy and tasty diet. A guilt-free choice for any type of hunger, quinoa can be the perfect substitute for all the unhealthy snacking. It can be a major part of the health revolution and the answer to the health challenges like diabetes and malnutrition.