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Quinoa Grain - 910g


Queen’s Quinoa is known for making available high-quality, Saponin-free Quinoa in easy-to-store packaging.

It is recommended by Chefs, Dieticians, Fitness Trainers across India.

  • Quinoa is suited for people from every age group. 
  • Kids can start it at an early age of 8 months. 
  • It is a boon for diabetics. Its low Glycemic Index keeps the sugar levels in control while fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body. 
  • Its high protein, high fibre and low calories content make it an ideal choice for maintaining fitness. 
  • Being rich in essential minerals and vitamins, it is highly recommended for expecting mothers. 
  • Quinoa is the best fit for demanding lifestyles of today. Working professionals and growing children can benefit the most from Quinoa. Just one meal of Quinoa can provide vital nutrients and energy to get going.