Queen’s Quinoa is one of India’s largest  producers of Superfoods - our range includes Quinoa (Grain, Flour, Bran, Pasta, Chips ) & Chia (Black and White).

Queen's Quinoa operates across the entire value chain - from Seed To Feed. QQ works across seed management, procurement, farming practices, farmer support, cultivation, harvesting, processing & conversion to various end products providing healthy feeding alternatives in India & International markets.

When the Govt. of India introduced Quinoa cultivation. QQ was the primary player in supporting this initiative (Project Anantha, 2013) leading to the selection, development & finalization of Quinoa farming in the state of Rajasthan. The conditions prevalent in South Rajasthan (where QQ has its farms) have proved to be most conducive in the country, resulting in the best Quinoa grain (sweetness, size, color, nutrition) across India.

Queen's Quinoa is committed to serve purity on plate. Its primary focus is to create value for society, nation and world at large by growing maximum nutrition per square meter.

Queen's Quinoa is already compliant with the new Codex Standards to be implemented in 2018

  • We Sortex the Grain to get two sizes: 2mm+ & Below 2mm
  • Saponin level is less than 0.04%
  • Moisture content is less than 3%.
  • Pesticide count : undetectable – Naturally grown
  • Protein is more than 14%
  • Packed in moisture controlled Composite Tin with inside poly

Social Initiatives

  • State Government : Queen's Quinoa has been actively involved in working with various provincial Government in terms of identifying best locations/practices for the growth Quinoa across India
  • Universities : Queen's Quinoa is currently working with several educational institutions and universities in R&Das well as formulating projects to increase the yield of Quinoa.
  • Farmers : We handhold farmers during the entire crop cycle & ensure high yields for them.
  • Health & Wellness : Currently we are working with nutritionist, dieticians, KOL's in terms of education and outreach on healthy eating and disease & condition management.(Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and Cardiac Health)